What Is Going On With Me?

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DSC_0058I thought I would write a quick post and let you know what I have been up to this past week and give you a chance to get more confused?

First off I put Bow out in the backyard Sunday afternoon and about 15 min later he is standing on the front porch, so I go around to see how he got out and you wont believe how he did it! He got his head thought a small hole under the car port and pulled the rest of his body through the how taking the wood and fence with him, he broke out is what he did! So I had to fix the fence and while doing so I got a bad splinter in my middle finger on my right hand, three days later it is swollen big as hell and feels like a toothache in my arm!

I got my new Nikkor VR 55 X 200 mm Lens this week for my new Nikon D3200 Camera, so far I like it the pics are different from my Cannon T3i and the lens is only a 200mm where the Cannon was a 250mm, I’m going to look for around a 400mm lens for it. You can see the difference in the quality of the shots I have been posting in the past week or so. It shoots a 24.6 megapixel photo where the Cannon only did about 18 megapixel, that is about 1/3 better quality. The Video has auto focus on this cam which is a big upgrade from the last cam that only had manual focus in video mode.

Joy and Bailey killed a baby coyote today on location, a few weeks back they killed a raccoon and a few weeks before that got tangled up in a porcupine and lost that battle! Today was sad it was just a small baby coyote sleeping under a bush down in a small gully, Bailey found it first and joy got a hold of it and shook it senseless killing it! I’m worried about theses dogs, I don’t want to see them get hurt or kill someones dog or hurt their child! I hope we can get control of them and stop them from killing everything that walks the same trail as them, what to do?

Well that is about everything for now, I will drop a line or so when I have time hope all is well with everyone out there and do try to be safe around Dave k

– Dark


2 thoughts on “What Is Going On With Me?

  1. Maureen says:

    Very sad about the dogs Bill. When dogs run in a pack they tend to do things like that unfortunately. My Dad always said that once a dog gets a taste of blood it is very difficult to retrain them. 🙁


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