The Clouds Behind The Sun

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May 11, 2016 Fort Supply Lake Oklahoma

While filming the sun on May 11th I caught that odd phenomenon of the clouds going behind the sun again? I say again because this is not the first time I have filmed this type of event and I do take all the possible theories into account when processing this type of video!

Take a close look and you tell me what you see and how you would account for this…

Music by Utah MTB – The Clouds Behind The Sun

Video shot using a GoPro Hero 4 and a Canon Rebel SL1 and edited on an iPad Pro using Pinnacle Studio Pro.

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link:

3 thoughts on “The Clouds Behind The Sun

  1. JD_Oklahoma says:

    First off, let me just say the sound track rocks! Are you using any type of filters on your lenses?

    It seems like the density of the cloud is causing more/less light transmission and some of the thinner ones are completely washing out giving the appearance of going behind the sun?

    1. Dark says:

      Yes at times I do use a uv & a P filter but I don’t like how it looks in the viewfinder so I tend to remove it….


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