Slavery Impersonates Liberty

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The absolute pinnacle of cultural success is to convince people that they are free in their slavery.

Democracy is an invented theory, not a moral truth. It is a construct of evil. It was created to impersonate freedom while still maintaining the grip of law over people. As in every instance in history, the pattern of tyranny repeats itself by reinventing lies to hide the same slavery.

Democracy is about making slaves and masters of slaves. The teachings of the world’s great democracies are those of liberty and a voice for every person. They teach us that democracies are the greatest possible form of government. The reason they give is that democracy offers a voice for the common man. Unlike kings, dictators and communists, democracy allows most people to have say in the affairs of their neighbors.

The evil of democracy knows no freedom. A free person has none to enslave him. Instead, democracies offer everyone the opportunity to enslave you.

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