Shocking ZEROWATER Test

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December 16, 2015 Woodward Oklahoma

I was ask to test the ZeroWater System A while back and had purchased one a few weeks ago and just need a little time to check it out on video for you. This week I got a bit of time to check it out and I have to be honest with you it was well worth the wait!

Video shot using a Gopro Hero 4 in 1080p Wide at 60fps and edited on a iPad 2 Air using Pinnacle Studio.

This video and all it’s contents are copyright free and in the public domain, what i’m saying is use it anyway you would like you already own it…!

3 thoughts on “Shocking ZEROWATER Test

  1. Mark says:

    In that water filter has a high VOC many have said on YouTube. Also to the owner of this site where did you buy your black and sliver megahome counter distiller from?

  2. Pocahontas McDonald says:

    Wow I was really impressed. I thought there is no way but, yea it did what it said. But what I wonder is would that water have a negative charge like the distilled water?

    1. Dark says:

      Poke thanks for visiting my site and you know after I did this for the rest of the night I had the same question and more what is the ph like????

      So I’m going to try and answer them questions but yea thanks for commenting….;)


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