S.R.M. Solar Radiation Management

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Solar Radiation Management

Cooling the Earth Through Solar Radiation Management – Project Overview

Geoengineering – a term which is increasingly used to describe a number of technologies which can have the potential to offset the global warming caused by greenhouse gases (GHG) – raises many risk governance issues.

Some of these issues concern the technologies themselves, and their impacts. One is that there is no single geoengineering technique. Another set of issues derive from limited knowledge. Climate modelling is itself hugely complex and imprecise, and it is currently not possible to adequately model the effects of geoengineering technologies on not only the Earth’s climate but also other parts of the biosphere. The need for such research raises issues of how (under what norms) the research is conducted, by whom and under whose oversight. It may be premature to introduce new legal frameworks for technologies that have yet to be tested, but there may well be a need to develop a transparent approach to ensuring the legitimacy and purpose of the necessary research.

Source: http://www.irgc.org

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