Rusty Orange Sunset Oklahoma Geoengineering 8-22-2015

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I got caught up in a improperly Signed Illegal D.U.I. Roadblock on Saturday when I went out to the lake to film this sunset and the chicken shit Nazis stole money from me over my seat-belt like that money was going to save me, what a bunch of Nazi scumbags….!

Shot using a Canon Rebel SL1 75-300mm a iPhone 6+ and a Hero 4 and edited on an iPad Air 2 using Pinnacle Studio.

Feel FREE to share, download and upload this video or any of my work to your own channel, I give you complete permission to use this work anyway you would like, it is in the public domain and I don’t require any credit for its use, thank you…

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link:

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