Red Trail MTB – Lake McMurtry Oklahoma 4-4-2015

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Again this is one of the best rides I have found in Oklahoma and this time I went out there alone with the idea to test myself. I planned to ride around the 7 mile trail as many times as I could till I reached bonk (low energy reserves) and at around 17-18 miles it hit me.

I was out of fuel and with 3-4 miles left back to the car things slowed down as I mitigated what energy I had left to work with to get me back to the car where there was food…

This video is raw with its original sound right from the trail, I only recorded my first trip around since 1 hour of HD video on my internet connection takes 2.5 days to upload in 1080 HD so that is why I’m putting this one up in 720 HD…

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