Perfect Evil

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To understand the nature of democracy, it is essential to understand that evil is the destruction of freedom. The stability of control is the engineering design of culture. The more stability that authority can be exerted with, the better.

Stability in history is non-existent. Wars have been fought continually, empires have been born and destroyed throughout the millennia. Nearly every excuse for tyranny has been tried, and eventually overcome.
Human beings seek liberty in their lives, because liberty is the nature of humanity; liberty is life. Our continual struggle against evil has been recorded by history. Evil has eventually lost every war it started. This is a testament to the strength and goodness of humanity. It is also a testament of the adaptability and evolution of evil.

Every form of tyranny has failed because people eventually recognized it and retrieved their own liberty. Evil has found a solution to its losses in making partners of its slaves.

Democracy is the greatest evil that can possibly exist. It is a greater evil than communism, and a greater evil than royalty. All other forms of tyranny are obviously evil because they allowed a few to control the lives of all. Freedom was destroyed for nearly everyone. Democracy, however, teaches that you are free enough to vote, a seemingly better system. Unfortunately, it legitimizes other people voting away your freedoms. This makes it evil. What makes it pure evil , and the greatest form of evil that can possibly exist is that you also vote to take away freedoms.

Everyone becomes a slave – and everyone becomes a master of slaves. Perfect evil.

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