Oklahoma SWD Earthquake Maker

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January 17, 2016 Near Freedom Oklahoma

With the earthquakes increasing here in Oklahoma I thought I would take some time and show you what a Salt Water Disposal Well or SWD looks like. Theses injection systems are the main cause for the earthquakes that are plaguing Oklahoma and as above so below you will see there is more to this story than most people would like to believe or that meets the eye…

The world is you
You are the world, there is no other thing
If we accept that, if we see that, not intellectually
But feel it in your heart, in your mind
In your blood that you are that, then the question
Is it possible for a human being to transform himself
Inwardly and therefore outwardly?

Music by Stick to Your Guns – Disobedient and 36 CrazyFists – Gathering Bones

Video shot using a iPhone 6+ and edited on an iPad Pro using Pinnacle Studio Pro.

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link: http://wp.me/Px0cX-zZ

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