ma.i.lliw yb gnoS amabO naC eW seY

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Warning this is some sick shit so listen with discernment!

I have another song that when reversed reveals some very telling truth about what is being said here and it’s not good for the parties involved! This is some sick and twisted satanic shit if I don’t say so myself and you can plainly hear what is being said in this backward masked song.

I’m not going to tell you what it is saying why don’t you take a listen and tell me what you hear.

4 thoughts on “ma.i.lliw yb gnoS amabO naC eW seY

  1. ottawachemtrails says:

    Hey thanks for posting it, I never listen to things backwards on my own and was pretty interesting to do so.

    Wouldn’t be surprising if it was manipulated, the music industry is so satanic it hurts. Glad I stay away from anything mainstream or connected to these record labels. Weird how you couldn’t replicate it, you’d think it would be the same since you’re saying the exact same thing as the song.

    Interesting talk if you never heard it before, “John Todd a former Illuminati: (The Witchcraft of Rock & Roll)” 28 min on screwtube. Since were on the topic of satanic music…

    1. Dark says:

      I will check out John Todd and see what he has to say and thank you so much for the info and the comment…;)

  2. ottawachemtrails says:

    “And I Ask you satan (mumbo jumbo) / Thank you satan x100” All I could get out out of it. Very disturbing, it’s like a big thank you song for “satan” and everyone gets a turn to say it.

    1. Dark says:

      That is pretty much what I hear also and it seems to be a thank you song to satan you know I tried to do this by reversing my voice and it doesn’t come out like this, I believe this was manipulated a bit to achieve this…!

      Hey thanks for your input….;)


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