Let’s Talk Frequency – Oklahoma Geoengineering 3-1-2015

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I have noticed an anomaly in the time-lapse video I have been shooting and I believe I can correlate it to the systems that are responsible.

Frequency or Wavelength in water are the ripples you see when you toss a rock in a pond and watch the wavelength travel away from the center and get weaker as they move out. Now this same theory applies to the ripples or wavelengths we are seeing in the sky but this is cause radio frequency as we all understand and the source of that has been under question.

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It is a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Eventually, one would hope these programs and those responsible for them will be met with the awakened awareness of a public potentially caught between Life and Death. When farmers discover they can no longer grow crops because of soil PH, chemical pollution, reduced sunlight and precipitation theft, will there be peace?
When parents discover these programs and conclude their child’s autism and their parents Alzheimer’s (and their own) is fueled by Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, will they just sit by silently? When the masses discover their respiratory distress is directly a result of aerosol spraying, who will hold back outrage…the US military? Aren’t their families breathing the same air?

When lives and ecosystems, oceans and forests, are likely destroyed by forced geoengineering, will those responsible escape the multitudes of humanity who have discovered the lethal actions of these scientific and political profiteers?

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