Kansas Tornado Analysis

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By WeatherWar101

“Gasland 2” is on HBO this month. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before. I strongly suggest that everyone else who hasn’t seen it makes the effort to do so. It’s a very powerful documentary about yet another aspect of this “fossil fuel” governed society, and the repeatedly demonstrated reality that sacrificing communities and the planet itself, is no impediment to those who want to keep it that way.

However, as I said, fracking is only one aspect… isn’t it. Josh Fox does an excellent job of covering the impact of this latest implementation of keeping the planet enslaved to oil and gas in all of its forms, but as disturbing as that is, around here we know just how much worse and how much larger the problem is. As my viewers know very well, I consider CO2 concerns to be just short of a tactical distraction to keep people looking in one direction, in order to prevent them from seeing the enormity of catastrophe we are already in.

However, the common theme was disturbing – even to me. Although Josh didn’t delve into the systemic methodology or reality suppression to the extent we have around here, it is very clear that he encountered it. The anti-fracking movement was another hugely popular movement that (briefly) garnered a great deal of attention, but like the “Global Warming” movement in the 70s and 80s quietly and mysteriously seemed to just – disappear. However, 40 years later, it just isn’t that mysterious anymore.

“We have several former PSYOPs folks that work for us at Range. Because they are very comfortable with dealing with localized issues and local governments. Having that understanding of PSYOPS in the middle east has applied very helpfully for us in Pennsylvania.”

Aside from this brief segment in the documentary “Gasland 2,” there was far too little about this enormous aspect. There was a bit of footage from a disturbing hearing meant to ‘investigate’ the illegal use of PSYOP tactics on American citizens by the fracking industry (which included a shadowy “Institute of Terrorism” organization, featuring imagery of a black-clad Israeli soldier, a ‘blue hand’ playing global chess, etc.), but concluded with pretty much every politician or public official who trying to do the right thing for the people and the planet – being either purchased or destroyed and driven out of office via elaborate smear campaigns.

Sounds familiar… doesn’t it. It certainly should. Around here we’ve seen that exact methodology applied to literally every aspect of society to control it, or drive it from public consciousness. The more one looks around, the more one becomes aware that this methodology has been implemented for more decades (or centuries) that anyone wants to count. It becomes abundantly clear that the problem is not that society and the species have failed to evolve… it is they have both been continuously thwarted.

Therein lies the problem… doesn’t it.

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  1. JDOklahoma says:

    Freakin’ Al Roker, he’s good at reading charts and delivering forecasts but just like 99.9% of meteorologists on the air, they don’t see or understand what’s truly going on. They mix in El Nino / El Nina nonsense, climate change, global warming, etc. into it and then no one has a clue what is happening; they just believe what they are told on TV. We’re in a for a bumpy ride because it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.


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