Flat Earth Antarctica Dome [Documentary Movie]

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I have posted books that deal with Flat Earth Theory and some of the theses books were written around 100 years ago of events that took place 175 years ago and this is what I have based my research on.

When you wake up to the fact that we are being lied to and our very education centers or schools are nothing more than Government Indoctrination Centers for the dumbed down masses, you have to take everything you learned there and toss it out! So the most logical place to start to learn is from our past and that I why I’m busy reading books from over 100 years ago, the truth is there and I’m going to find it all!

I wanted to keep this Flat Earth Documentary as I believe it holds a bunch of great information that might help people understand this theory and does this make me a flat earther, sorry I don’t go for labels and to me it is still a theory…!

Source: http://www.oddtv.tv

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