Do You Feel My Pain

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When I watch other people’s videos on documenting geoengineering I always feel there pain, I often wonder if anyone feels my pain…

Music by: Utah MTB – Do You Feel My Pain

Shot using a iPhone 6+, Canon Rebel SL1 and a Hero 4 and edited on an iPad Air 2 using Pinnacle Studio.

Feel FREE to share, download and upload this video or any of my work to your own channel, I give you complete permission to use this work anyway you would like, it is in the public domain and I don’t require any credit for its use, thank you…

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link:

8 thoughts on “Do You Feel My Pain

  1. 12oIKILLou says:

    I don’t see anyone documenting the pain just the distraction. The only time to know is now.

    1. Dark says:

      That might be something we can use emotions are powerful and we can harness them…

      1. Chasity says:

        Love the videos.. You are so right about the statement “emotions are powerful”.. They can be used to get your point across without saying a word.. Great job..


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