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Care Is A Superhero Power

[Total: 2    Average: 5/5] I shot this video in a two-day time span from June 23-24, 2016 while I was out at the lake sungazing but as you canContinue readingCare Is A Superhero Power


[Total: 1    Average: 5/5] Yes, the sun holds incredible power for those who wish to obtain it. And for souls who are patient, willing to change how they viewContinue readingSungazing

Cookie Cutter Clouds

[Total: 1    Average: 5/5] June 1, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma It’s no real secret why the clouds look like this, they are boiling out of power plants, 7000 power plantsContinue readingCookie Cutter Clouds

Operation Mitigation

[Total: 3    Average: 5/5] May 31, 2016 Around Woodward Oklahoma You could see them spraying or mitigating the artificial clouds in the layer above them. It will then fallContinue readingOperation Mitigation

11 Hour Storm-Lapse

[Total: 1    Average: 5/5] May 29, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma I woke up early and was going to go for a MTB ride, I know i’m in oklahoma and MTBContinue reading11 Hour Storm-Lapse


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