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Chasing The Storm

[Total: 2    Average: 3.5/5] May 8, 2016 NW Oklahoma Ok time for a little storm chasing and on May 8th a super-cell showed up and ran from us! UsingContinue readingChasing The Storm

Belle Starr Trail Loop

[Total: 2    Average: 5/5] March 22, 2016 Robbers Cave State Park Oklahoma I’m back at Robbers Cave Oklahoma for this week and with the time change it gives meContinue readingBelle Starr Trail Loop

Photo Of The Day

[Total: 1    Average: 1/5] This is a cool shot I wanted to share with you of the train coming past the old train station it use to stop atContinue readingPhoto Of The Day

Photo Of The Day

[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] This is not what you want to see in your rear view mirror. Taken at the Main Street Parade on Saturday in Woodward Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Sunrise

[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] This gallery is all of the same sunrise, the difference being the way the sun lights up the lower cloud layer before moving above it…;)


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