Doggy Disneyland

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March 6, 2016 Fort Supply Lake Oklahoma

I love taking my dogs to the lake and they haven’t been in a few weeks now so things are bound to get a little excited! I shot this video on a monopole so I could stay in and above the action so do enjoy…

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Bow’s Wicked Stone

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I just had to show you this and at the same time test my ability to use any music that fit the need, I don’t make money off what I do I make content!

So Bow one of my white German Shepherds gets this rock out of the edge of the spillway every time we go to the lake and he packs it out of the water and sets it down and the song reminds me of this…

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Over The Wall

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December 25, 2015 Woodward Oklahoma

This wall is very steep to get over and Bow my big white German Shepard will walk up and down it with ease the rest usually need a boost and Echo runs around but this time this changed, I like change!

If you make it to the end of this video please pay close attention to what’s going on at around 4:40 as you will notice this is not natural or right…

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Dog Gone It

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Fort Supply Lake Spillway December 6, 2015

This video is just me working with my dogs and a test video to see how well I could edit together two cameras media and how well the flow is, the song is mine and was made just as background noise so do enjoy…

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GSD Puppy Update Dog Gone 7-26-2015

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All the puppies are sold andĀ have found good homes with loving and caringĀ families, I’m always sad to see them go they bring so much joy into my life but I’m very happy for them…;)

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