Care Is A Superhero Power

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I shot this video in a two-day time span from June 23-24, 2016 while I was out at the lake sungazing but as you can see there is a deliberate attempt to block the sun!

I have noticed it’s concentrated into what I have called the veil, this is a mass chem/cloud that they dump into the sky in what I believe is trying to corrupt the suns data from reaching the ground and it’s intended target…

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Geo-Engineering Australia NSW “it’s action time”

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Hey guys this is a small compilation of some of the spraying going on around my farm, apologies for the swearing haha actually not really. Its time the world has a reality check, Time to band together as a human race and unite. we are the 99% together we make our own rules.

Step up don’t be afraid and speak your truth. Take this to the next level, real life action needed. No more divide and conquer we are all human. Know thy enemy!!

Much love guys!!!

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Published on YouTube Jun 3, 2016

The apparent continued Geo-Engineered record Flooding of Texas continues.

JD Oklahoma sent me this video by jonah70757 off YouTube this last week and I wanted to save this information and share it with a different stream of people In hopes that you will share it with someone who needs to know the truth!

All our weather is manipulated and man-made, they broke the earth’s precipitation cycle sometime in the 70’s and 80’s and what you see now in the sky is a direct result of that mistake…


Cookie Cutter Clouds

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June 1, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma

It’s no real secret why the clouds look like this, they are boiling out of power plants, 7000 power plants in the U.S. alone! They use an incredible amount of water and this goes back into the environment as superheated steam!

The layers above this have been heavily sprayed with metal particulate so it drifts down into the man-made clouds, the water molecules then stick to the metal particle which acts as a nucleus. Then the application of different frequencies of high output radio waves (Nexrad/Doppler) is directed at the mass to steer this crap where they want to deploy it, this is a weapon!

In a nutshell I have told you how this works, now what are you going to do next….
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Operation Mitigation

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May 31, 2016 Around Woodward Oklahoma

You could see them spraying or mitigating the artificial clouds in the layer above them. It will then fall into the power plant steam we call clouds and being particulate it will stick to it, then they can lift the water vapor up into the next layer! I believe the lift is accomplished using  stratospheric heaters that are part of the Nexrad System you know as Doppler Radar and if you look you will find the patents on all of this?

It is easier to lie to someone than convince them that they have been lied to, pride is that strong…

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