Breath The Poison Deep

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March 29, 2016 Pittsburgh Oklahoma

There was a constant stream of poison pushed over us on this day, the spraying was going on way upstream from me. I sure hope everyone reading this is awake and not a chemtrail deniers, those are surly unuseful idiots at best, do enjoy if you can…

Music by Utah MTB – Breath The Poison Deep

Video shot using a GoPro Hero 4 and edited on an iPad Pro using Pinnacle Studio Pro.

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link:

2 thoughts on “Breath The Poison Deep

  1. JD_Oklahoma says:

    It’s almost as if there’s a standing wave or some sort of energy the clouds are moving through across the sky. Here is what I witnessed in NE Oklahoma near Tulsa over the past several days:

    Monday – Chemtrails all across the sky from horizon to horizon. Very prominent around sunset.

    Tuesday – Hazy. Odd cloud patterns across the sky similar to what is shown in your video. Here is a post showing the visible satellite images:

    Wednesday – Overcast, rain on and off all day until around 7 pm when a major supercell spins up out of nowhere near Keystone Lake. It builds up and tracks East until it spawns a F1 – F2? tornado in North Tulsa which touches down and lifts up several times all the way out past Catoosa. It was very intense watching it track to the south out my back door about 4 miles to the South. I have never heard a rumbling like that before in my life. I’ve seen shelf clouds before but never one that had an active tornado coming down from it.

    So… why is it, two to three days after seeing chemtrails all across the sky we get a major storm system coming through. It happens every season.

    There’s a logical explanation for why it’s occurring. There has to be. I just wish I could pin it down to being Mother Nature or man made.

    People who know nothing about the weather will write it off as:

    – Climate change (the generic form)
    – Global warming (it’s your fault for using fossil fuels)
    – The impending “climate chaos” that was predicted
    i.e, whatever they hear from the media

    If it’s natural (galactic / solar system / solar changes) ok, I’ll buy that. There’s science behind that. But that’s way out of control of mankind, right? Or is it?

    If it’s man made, it’s manufactured climate control / weather manipulation / experimentation gone off the rails. It’s very plausible for this to be conducted with little or no knowledge by the public. Compartmentalization would make it possible. With the media on someone’s side (sweeping the truth under the rug) we may never know the entire story.

    What if it’s both? I’ve seen research suggesting the climate is so far out of whack they are just grasping at straws trying anything they can to keep it under wraps and under control.

    Who knows. All I just know this extreme weather bullshit is tiring and stressful.

    1. Dark says:

      JD Oklahoma it is so good to see that someone else is awake in the OK state, I was afraid I was All alone here! I really do appreciate your take on this and we might need to meet up sometime that would be good to talk with someone that is paying attention to there sky and thank you for the comment….;)


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