Bow’s Wicked Stone

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I just had to show you this and at the same time test my ability to use any music that fit the need, I don’t make money off what I do I make content!

So Bow one of my white German Shepherds gets this rock out of the edge of the spillway every time we go to the lake and he packs it out of the water and sets it down and the song reminds me of this…

Music by Slash – Wicked Stone

4 thoughts on “Bow’s Wicked Stone

  1. jans pics says:

    Absolutely the best thing I have seen all day! The music is PERFECT, and your dogs are so beautiful to watch. They are so perfectly free and joyful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dark says:

      Well thank you so very much the Geoengineering can get you a bit down so I have to take a break and do other things, it is so nice to be able to comment back to people ScrewTube had kept me down for a while, thanks again and please come back…..k

  2. Susan says:

    Enjoy watching the dogs play in the water. Show us the surrounding area too. Like to the top of the spillway.


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