11 Hour Storm-Lapse

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May 29, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma

I woke up early and was going to go for a MTB ride, I know i’m in oklahoma and MTB is a bit of a stretch but hang with me on this one k! Well being as things are I got busy and before I knew it it was about 9:30 and the rain was coming down, so scratch that MTB ride K!

So what do I do but set up a time-lapse in the rain for the next 11 hours, just a skywatch but I ran it till the sun went out of view…

Music by Utah MTB – Bring On The Rain

Video shot using a GoPro Hero 4 and edited on an iPad Pro using Pinnacle Studio Pro.

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link: http://wp.me/Px0cX-zZ

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