Video Blog Nov 9, 2013

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8 thoughts on “Video Blog Nov 9, 2013

  1. Stephanie says:

    We are all dying from the moment we are born. We are allowed enough time to forget that our lives, what we do get, is a luxury. Everyone deals with death and dying different. Be kind to others and they will find kindness in their hearts for us.

  2. tz says:

    I hate the way the site edits ones typing it makes so many mistakes. I am a touch typist so I know I type the words correctly. Never mind this is supposed to be progress eh? Yea I suppose you are on some kind of no fly list, once you hit the UK borders you might be locked in a cell somewhere eh?

    Never mind you and Theda always know you are welcome to stay if you do ever make it over here.

  3. tz says:

    I didn’t realise Jack was so old. Sam and Bow keep him young. Sorry for your sadness Theda. We never wish to see the end of a loyal friend but remember the good times. Bill you can sometimes sound harsh but I know you are just as deeply affeted – you just don’t wanna sow it 🙂 Keep having fun you guys. Wish you could visit me and see some more auesome beaches.

    1. Dark says:

      Tz I would love to come visit but I’m sure I’m on a no fly list for knowing the truth…..;)


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