Update Redneck Tint Job

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Who needs Walmart with this do it yourself tint job that can be done by any redneck all you need is a garbage bag and a roll of black tape or duck tape if you are in a pinch!

4 thoughts on “Update Redneck Tint Job

  1. Stephanie Schleicher says:

    Words are words are words. Shit fuck cunt. 🙂

  2. Stephanie Schleicher says:

    Pretty sure this is the video that spurred the conversation, “Is fucking a bad word momma?” LOL!!! Jayson also liked your use of crackhead. It gave him the giggles. 🙂

    1. Dark says:

      Did I say fucking in the video? Is that a bad word? Just someone tell my how a word becomes bad…lol


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