The Earth Is My Church

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I named this video after the title of the song I used in the background, I was not sure what else to name it? What you see in the video is two 15-year-old kids with bullet bikes just out for some simple boy fun and yes it’s my GoPro Cam and mount they are using and there is some speeds in excess of 120 mph, don’t be surprised you would be doing the same thing if you had the chance, just saying right?

Music: The Earth Is My Church 3:32
by Alex Featuring: Brad Stanfield & Periel Marr Stanfield

2 thoughts on “The Earth Is My Church

  1. Maureen says:

    I would have done the same as them 50 years ago but I only had a push bike. I got a bit of speed out of that with no holding the handlbars down hills *giggle*. I absolutely loved the music to this video and have sent it to the guy who runs our private Humanists group on the internet. Just waiting his view on the song now. Is this one of TMC’s artists?

    Great stuff Bill keep it coming šŸ™‚

    1. Dark says:

      Yea me 2 tz, the music is not one of TMC artists, it’s from a Creative Commons website full of copywriter free music to use in media….;)


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