The Concrete Beach – Fort Supply

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It is a spillway for the overflow at Fort Supply Lake in Oklahoma, I thought it would be a good place to take the dogs for a swim, check out the cool video for more. Video filmed on my GoPro in 1080p HD.

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Hide And Seek With Bow

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Just having a little fun with Bow playing hide and seek with my wife…;)

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How Do You Close A Field – Dog Fun

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Just having a little fun with the dogs out at what I call the dog park…;)

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The Most Amazing Dogs

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I have the most amazing dogs in the whole world, every time I take them out for some fun the end up blowing my mind, at the end of this video watch how Bow jumps up and over the wall…;)

Over The Wall

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Out at Fort Supply Lake there is a big spillway that the dogs and I like to take a walk around…:)