Fort Supply Lake Hike To The Beach

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This is a secret beach me and the dogs go and play on a few times a week, it starts with a fun walk through a Oklahoma Marshland that has some tall grass to sneak through. The dogs love this hike and by the time we reach the last sand hill Bow can hardly wait and with the ok you will see him haul ass over the hill to the water and lake on the other side.

I have included some sweet music in the background and a link for you to legally download it and keep it, I hope you leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Music: Set Me Free Album Chasing Eidolon by Chasing Eidolon

This Dog Is A Total Ham

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Bow is a pretty cool dog he has some very crazy actions, this gallery is Bow and Theda posing for the camera, notice how Bow hams it up for the lens. Photos taken on River Trail in Boiling Springs State Park Oklahoma.

Bow Loves Water

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Water is a special treat for Bow and when he gets time to play in his pool he gives it his all, Bow loves water plain and simple as you can see in this gallery of photos I shot with my new 55 x 200 VR Nicor Lens.

Photo Of The Day

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This is one of my favorite photos of our white German Shepard walking down a dirt road in Oklahoma with my wife.


Kids & Dogs Playing Fort Supply Lake

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This was my first test of video on my new Nikon D3200 VR so it was just a quick assembly of five clips and upload so it is pretty raw, but you can see the dogs and kids playing on our hidden beach at Fort Supply Lake. Please let me know what you think in the comments below k.