Severe Thunderstorm 1 Hour Time Lapse – Oklahoma Geoengineering 5-16-2015

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I had been tracking a severe thunderstorm that was heading my way so I could set up a time-lapse on it and try to caught some lightning. As it approached I jumped in the car and went out to the ball fields and set up on it.

In this video watch as the clouds are moving to the right then coming straight at you and the rain and small hail block out the camera for a few….

Filmed on a iPhone 6+ and a Hero 4 using time-lapse at 4k and .5 second intervals and edited on a iPad Air 2 using Pinnacle Studio.

Feel FREE to share, download and upload this video or any of my work to your own channel, I give you complete permission to use this work anyway you would like, it is in the public domain and I don’t require any credit for its use, thank you…

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link:


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