Mass Mind Control Through TV

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This is some very good information about mass mind control through your television. This video explains the connection between sports and television and shows you how the television was designed to do this from the very beginning.

Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history, yet most people just think it’s just  entertainment…

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Moments of Amazing Grace

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With all the negative things happening in this world  one has to take some time out and focus on the real world, that is the here and now. What I’m talking about is the things around you now and be thankful for the good you have all around you, it surrounds you!

Sometimes you need to get back to nature where we feel more relaxed to find this kind of Amazing Grace but it’s there just pay close attention and it will show you. This video I made is of those moments and when I was cleaning off my phone I thought it might be the right thing to do and share them with everyone.

Please take the time out and find your Amazing Grace…

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The Tate Murders – The Monsters Dupe Us Again

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Most people know little about either the Tate/LaBianca murders or the real story of the Manson family.

Do yourself a favor and DON’T bother to read “Helter Skelter,” or at least don’t take it too seriously. It’s part of the over-all scripted narrative that so successfully crushed the spirits of those questioning authority as they entered the ’70s.

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10 reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam

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(NaturalNews) Think the Zika virus is responsible for all the cases of microcephaly in South America? Think again: There is no reliable scientific evidence linking the two. The developmental deformities are actually caused by exposure to toxic insecticide and larvicide chemicals, not Zika virus.

But because Zika virus fear fits a convenient funding narrative for chemical giants and vaccine manufacturers, it is being played up by the corrupt, criminally-run CDC and the Obama administration to funnel billions of dollars into the hands of vaccine corporations while ignoring the real causes of microcephaly.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the Zika virus fear mongering is a total scam:

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Yes, the sun holds incredible power for those who wish to obtain it. And for souls who are patient, willing to change how they view their existence and how they currently live their lives; much is possible. Light is the basic nutrient of all life; how we utilize, metabolize and understand this light can help us evolve. Pure motivation coupled with awareness, focus and relaxation, can in turn enable us to access every level of our energy.

“Why do we watch the sunrise? Why do we concentrate on it? In order to learn to mobilize all our thoughts, all our desires, and all our energies, and to direct them toward the realization of the highest ideal. A person who works to unify the many chaotic forces that pull him in every direction and to project them in a single, luminous and salutary direction becomes such a powerful center that his presence, like the sun, is able to radiate through space. Yes, he who manages to control the tendencies of his lower nature can spread these blessings over the whole of humanity, and he becomes a sun. He lives in such freedom that he expands the field of his consciousness to include the entire human race, to which he sends the abundance of light and love that pour forth from him. ” –by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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