Frequency Overdrive

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Oklahoma Geoengineering 9-8-2015

In this video taken in Chickasha Oklahoma on the 8th of September you can clearly see the frequency in the mass and later in the video they use spraying and frequency combined with in place water vapor to generation clouds, don’t believe me, watch the video for yourself….!

Music by Utah MTB – Frequency Overdrive

Shot using a iPhone 6+, Hero 4 and edited on an iPad Air 2 using Pinnacle Studio.

Feel FREE to share, download and upload this video or any of my work to your own channel, I give you complete permission to use this work anyway you would like, it is in the public domain and I don’t require any credit for its use, thank you…

For more information about Geoengineering follow the link:

4 thoughts on “Frequency Overdrive

  1. 12oIKILLou says:

    Oh ya In that ZONE. ” What the other life ?? in deep 2day Dark WOW You work alot, &. IT’S SO NICE TO MEET ME 🙂
    Want to share collaborate find the Away. I’m covering footage of the trees and plants and then the fallout text me some happy thoughts.

    1. Dark says:

      I need to take some time and cover the vegetation in my area I’m seeing trees all splitting open…

        1. Dark says:

          Hey my friend how are u, I think I’m going to document some of the tree damage to day and try and do something with it….;)


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