Defense of Freedom

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Culture teaches that only police have the right to defend. It teaches that only authority has the right to decide if you are worthy of defense, and what level of defense it will provide. While it teaches that it is never acceptable for you to defend yourself, culture teaches that when the law implements kidnapping and murder to enforce its authority, it is always acceptable.

In order to remove all thought of people fighting their masters, culture teaches that revolt is never acceptable. Rebellion without violence is almost always impossible. Culture ensures that authority holds a monopoly on violence, and it has no compunction about kidnapping, imprisonment and murder. The only way to escape authority is to destroy all tyranny. This is the reason massive wars have been necessary to destroy entrenched tyrants such as Adolf Hitler.

Culture controls speech to stop authority from being questioned. It creates ideas of propriety to hide its own tyranny. The only remaining element is to make sure that if someone does discover their own worth, that they cannot extricate authority from their lives. This is done by making the defense of freedom immoral.

The price of freedom is blood. The reason for this is simple: evil does not care if you live or die. It will kill you before it yields control over your life to you. Hundreds of millions have died in history’s wars proving this principle. Every instance of a thug maiming, raping or killing an innocent person proves this principle. While the vast majority of people are not evil, there are powerful tyrants who will never yield; they are men who will scorch the earth in order to gain or maintain authority.

The only way to end tyranny is to destroy every tyrant. The more that tyrants are allowed to work the devices of culture upon people, the harder tyranny is to extricate, and the more lives it will cost to do so. This is the reason that culture teaches that the only proper way for you to defend yourself against law is to obey the law. The teaching preserves tyranny. One hundred million people have died at the hands of communists because so few were willing to ignore the law, and instead do what was right. Europe was nearly obliterated because so many people valued the law more than liberty; they failed to stop Adolf Hitler while he was still weak.

Removing the true nature of violence from news and relegating its understanding to the artificial violence of entertainment teaches people that there is safety in slavery. News reports enable authority when the true cost of tyranny is removed from view. Culture hides the plainest images of blood from people in order to keep them passive.

In reality, evil will stop at nothing to control you, including destroying everything you have and everyone you love. Violence is used in the preservation of tyranny every day. Violence and murder are only weapons of immorality when used to destroy freedom. The defense of freedom is never immoral. Any man who will wield the weapons of violence against innocent people in order to gain authority must be destroyed.

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