Shocking ZEROWATER Test

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December 16, 2015 Woodward Oklahoma

I was ask to test the ZeroWater System A while back and had purchased one a few weeks ago and just need a little time to check it out on video for you. This week I got a bit of time to check it out and I have to be honest with you it was well worth the wait!

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Fiji & Evian TDS Water Test

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I was asked to do a TDS or Total Dissolved Solids test on Fiji and Evian water that are 2 of the most popular and fancy waters on the market, so how do you think they fared, watch the video and find out…

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4 Way Distilled Water Test

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I was asked to do a chlorine test and a ph test on the water I distill and drink, so let’s check out the video and see what happened and yes distilled water is rainwater plain and simple…

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Don’t Drink Rocks!

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So what is the bullshit in the Woodward Oklahoma tap water anyway…;)

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Pure Rain Water TDS Test

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So what do you think the Total Dissolved Solids or TDS is in pure fresh rain water and do you think the parts that show up in it are pollutants…?

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