What’s Going On With Me?

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I know I haven’t been posing much lately and that is because I need to focus my intent on a larger project.

Independent Media Network
For the past 16 years I have maintained and independent or indie radio station called New Artist Radio and then Indie Artist Radio. We have decided with the deception going on in the mainstream media that the time was right to change directions in our current format and start speaking out!

We have now become the Forth Watch to this computed system of government and politics, this is not something we wanted to do but it is the right thing to do!

News U Can Use
I’m back to doing LIVE Radio weekdays at 12:00 pm CST and 9:00 PM CST with our new show News U Can Use. A comprehensive look at the news that is affecting you and your environment directly. Don’t miss the live broadcast but if you do all shows are archived on-demand and podcast for your enjoyment.

This show hosted by my amazing wife and partner TMC and me Dark or Utah MTB and we cover topics that need talked about and have a little fun doing it!

Join us…

Independent Media Network

Woodward Oklahoma Longhorns 7-19-2016

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Just a quick video post showing the Longhorns coming into Woodward Oklahoma.

A Warning From The Past – Some Odd Ends

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My wife ran across this old newspaper article that someone had shown her. She found it very relevant to what we are seeing today and wanted me to share this with you so I made a video out of it and will include a link to the article in question.

Please take some time and realize what is being relayed in this message…

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In this, my 4th video on The Mandela Phenomenon, I combine the best of the best of what I have been able to find to date, to vent some of the anger and frustration victims (and YES, “victims” is the correct word to describe what folks experiencing the effect indeed are), are going through while at the same time attempt to point beyond any doubt, where the blame belongs for this atrocity. It boggles my mind how so many people who apparently are not experiencing the changes, can sit back and call the folks who are experiencing the changes Bat Shit Crazy!

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The Real Flat Earth PsyOp

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I know what most of you are thinking and that is Flat Earth is a PsyOp to confuse the gullible masses and you are right but do you really know how far this PsyOp goes back in history and what it really made up from?

The REAL Flat Earth Myth, revealed, exposed, decoded and debunked!!!

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