The Real Flat Earth PsyOp

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I know what most of you are thinking and that is Flat Earth is a PsyOp to confuse the gullible masses and you are right but do you really know how far this PsyOp goes back in history and what it really made up from?

The REAL Flat Earth Myth, revealed, exposed, decoded and debunked!!!

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The Mystery of Polaris – Evidence Found!

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I found this information to be quite compelling and wanted to share this with you…

I have fought tooth and nail to get this information out. What is Polaris, and what is its connection to Mt Meru the Cosmic Mountain? Is this the location of Satan’s abode in the second Heaven? Find out the biblical evidence in this video! What does the Stairway to Heaven song and its relation to the Baal Gate have in common? Find out and be amazed at the evidence!

All Glory to God in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ, ALL thanks to the Holy Spirit for this awesome information as i am only the vessel.

Visual content and songs are not mine but are being used under the fair use act for discussion and analysis in this documentary.

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The Lunar Wave Over a Flat Earth

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I see this Lunar Wave footage everywhere now and being talked about and some of the theories discussed seem very far-fetched?

The theory that space is liquid or water of some kind is different from we have learned but if you go back to biblical text it’s there? So we are left with one true faculty for discerning what we see, our eyes! What do you see when viewing video footage of The Lunar Wave? Does it seem to look like liquid or water to your eyes?

So what do you see please leave me a comment and let me know k…

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The Greatest Mystery of Earth Revealed! Ezekiel’s Wheels Unveiled

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Ezekiel’s vision revealed – God’s grand design of our Earth unveiled. Stonehenge decoded – CERN unveiled – The movements of the Sun and Moon unveiled – Rings within rings decoded – Aztec mysteries decoded – The Gateway found on the $20.00 bill revealed!

All Glory to the Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ all thank to the Holy Spirit for I am only the vessel.

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Flat Earth – All Meat No Potatoes

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Allegedly Dave aka dmurphy25 goes on Macedonian Late Night Talk Show to spread awareness about our flat earth. Very beautiful to see. Absolutely amazing job, Dave.

This will definitely help quite a few people wake up to the globe earth lie.
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