Deep Web 1.3 Video Mashup

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Alright Dtube has some problems but let’s just see if time doesn’t solve that for us!

Deep Web 1.3 is my next installment to this only for fun sort of thing, call it what you want but it is what it is and if you want to get connected to the Deep Web check out for more information.

P.S. you might be asking what happened to 1.2 and I don’t have an answer for that one it seems to have been replaced┬á by 1.3…?

Deep Web 1.1 Video Mashup

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Let’s do this again and at the same time I’m testing Dtube to see what I can do with it YouTube is become obsolete very fast and they will eventually commit suicide with there stupidity just like Myspace and but I digress…

Have jun with this video and get over to Dtube and give me a vote k

Much Love

Utah MTB (Dark)

Deep Web 1.0 Video Mashup

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This is my first Deep Web Video Mashup made from videos off the Deep Web, it is fun and cute to watch and I hope you get a laugh…

Oh yea I’m back messing around on my website now!

Utah MTB (Dark)

Woodward Oklahoma Longhorns 7-19-2016

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Just a quick video post showing the Longhorns coming into Woodward Oklahoma.

A Warning From The Past – Some Odd Ends

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My wife ran across this old newspaper article that someone had shown her. She found it very relevant to what we are seeing today and wanted me to share this with you so I made a video out of it and will include a link to the article in question.

Please take some time and realize what is being relayed in this message…

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