Another Birthday, WTF?

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So today I turned a big 47, at least I think it is big, not sure and I had to ask my wife how old I was, she told me 47 so that should be right? I don’t really look at it as anything special or different than any other day, I figure that after about 35 to 40 birthdays you can kinda get over the surprise, that is that you are still alive and kicking I think!

For my birthday I usually do something and or buy something for myself, last year I bought myself a fancy camera, a Cannon Rebel T3i a pretty nice camera to say the least. Along the way to this year my wife started using my camera for work. So I gave that one and went and got me a new Nikon D3200 VR, my wife bought me a new laptop, sweet deal this birthday thing turned out to be!

His and her cams now that is geek fun stuff all warped into a pretty package if you ask me, we went out and took pics together yesterday in Boiling Springs, she had the advantage withe her long lens but still it was fun and we both got some pretty cool photos.

So how does my life differ from last year, wow that is a question with just to many variables to answer in just this one short post. So I will try to make this answer more refined and simple, so that even a dumb ass could follow, my life has changed completely in the past year and I have adjusted well. So with that out of the way we can now look forward and see what fun or trouble I can get into.

Until next year…
– Dark


4 thoughts on “Another Birthday, WTF?

  1. Stephanie Schleicher says:

    New trouble for the upcoming year? Oh my. Sounds positively delightful!

  2. Maureen says:

    Belated Happy Birthday greetings. My my 47 years eh? It is only a number no worries. Hope the year ahead brings you happiness. You seem to be on a pretty precarious position on that wall Bill 🙂 . I always ask myself does wisdom come with age – I can only think the answer lies in whether or not you learn by your mistakes. If you have made any mistakes last year it was only a learning curve.


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