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I started documenting Geoengineering shortly after I arrived in Oklahoma, the locals as most people are oblivious to what they are seeing in the skies over their heads, most don’t have a clue!

I had seen this before and understood what I was seeing but what shocked me the most was that I was now living under a completely Geoengineered Sky all of it everyday, day in and day out!

So I started documenting geoengineering and what would you have done, something I hope…?

A Little About Me

I’m originally from Utah now I’m living in Woodward Oklahoma with my wife and 4 dogs, the change from Utah to Oklahoma was a big one! In Utah I mountain biked, skied, hiked and climbed mountains, here the land is all private property and they don’t have mountains. What they do have is good jobs and great people so there is a trade off.

What brought me to Oklahoma you ask, we’ll let me tell you, my wife spent 10 years in Utah away from her family in Oklahoma so I’m going to spend 10 years in Oklahoma so she can be close to her family. It’s a pretty fair trade if you ask me and she seems happy not to mention we are making a load of money in the background!

So for now I call Oklahoma my home, someday it might change but for now I’m having fun exploring my new turf and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon, but still I miss the mountains of Utah, it’s in my blood and always will be!

My Photography

I have been into photography my whole life, just in the past year or so I purchased better cameras and it has opened up another world for me. My wife has gotten into it with me and we like to travel around taking pictures and sharing them with each other, kinda romantic in a way?

I call my style abstract, I feel my best pictures are the abstract off the wall type maybe a close up of something along a trail or in the sky. It’s kinda hard to explain how your mind sees a photo for the first time before your hands and eyes capture the moment and sometimes you never get that moment on film at all

– Dark ~ A.K.A. Bill Messick



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