“The End of All Evil” Everyone Should Read This Powerful Book!

I was turned on to this book through a Natural Law Seminar by Mark Passio and I will honesty tell you it has had a profound effect on the way I’m looking at our world! The book is less than 100 pages and is easy to read on an iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac. Do yourself a favor and get this book now and read it, you will be smarter for it!

The End of All Evil
By Jeremy Locke

Never in all of history have the elements been arrayed against the evil manifest in tyranny and slavery as they are today.

The dreams that burn in the hearts of billions have been growing stronger through the millennia.

The children of this world are owed a liberty from slavery that few are able to comprehend.

This is the most exciting era in all of human history; it is the dawn of the freedom of mankind.

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Earn, Trade, Save

Taxation is obfuscated in every area of your life. The easiest to see is when they take your money as you earn it. Income tax, regulations and governmental restrictions allow the extortionist to pirate labor before you ever get to put it to your use. You serve them. They leave you the scraps, whatever the percentage of your liberty or labors they allow.

Extortionists take a further percentage every time you trade your labor; called sales tax, use tax, gas tax, or any such sundry names. You have less than you produced because they already took huge percentages from you, and now as you go to redeem your labor for food, shelter, better health or comforts, they take even more. This is not all, because they also restrict your choices in redemption – they tell you what is ‘legal’ to buy, how much and sometimes at what price.

Once earned and spent or saved, your money and property are still not safe. Property taxes and annual licensing fees confiscate a further percentage of your work, as a privilege for ownership of your own money. You bought a house, and you bought a car, but in reality you are just renting them from government. Try not paying the taxes and fees if you don’t believe that; you will shortly be evicted. All of this is designed to keep you working tomorrow on the upkeep of your masters, lest you retire too early.

Your money is not safe in savings either. All governments control their forms of money (such as the US Dollar), and it is illegal to trade using any other currency. Inflation is engineered by governments to erode your savings over time as they spend your money through government deficits. Inflation also ensures that as your savings are eaten away you will be forced to keep working, wherein they can repeat the cycle of taxation.

Remember that the reason you work is to benefit yourself and those you love. Yet because they are more powerful than you, many, many people have managed to force you to work for their benefit. This is economic control. This is the purpose of government. Governments are predatory institutions.

Perfect Evil

To understand the nature of democracy, it is essential to understand that evil is the destruction of freedom. The stability of control is the engineering design of culture. The more stability that authority can be exerted with, the better.

Stability in history is non-existent. Wars have been fought continually, empires have been born and destroyed throughout the millennia. Nearly every excuse for tyranny has been tried, and eventually overcome.
Human beings seek liberty in their lives, because liberty is the nature of humanity; liberty is life. Our continual struggle against evil has been recorded by history. Evil has eventually lost every war it started. This is a testament to the strength and goodness of humanity. It is also a testament of the adaptability and evolution of evil.

Every form of tyranny has failed because people eventually recognized it and retrieved their own liberty. Evil has found a solution to its losses in making partners of its slaves.

Democracy is the greatest evil that can possibly exist. It is a greater evil than communism, and a greater evil than royalty. All other forms of tyranny are obviously evil because they allowed a few to control the lives of all. Freedom was destroyed for nearly everyone. Democracy, however, teaches that you are free enough to vote, a seemingly better system. Unfortunately, it legitimizes other people voting away your freedoms. This makes it evil. What makes it pure evil , and the greatest form of evil that can possibly exist is that you also vote to take away freedoms.

Everyone becomes a slave – and everyone becomes a master of slaves. Perfect evil.

Violence and Destruction

Democracy creates violence and destruction. Democracy teaches people that it is proper to inflict your will by force upon others. Indeed, it teaches people that they are entitled to take anything from their neighbors by force.
Democracies are always welfare states, because everyone is able to create laws legitimizing theft. The strongest democracies have the highest taxation and the most regulation. Government employees are able to influence laws to benefit their own positions and salaries. The more regulation created, the more opportunities for pirating in the name of propriety.

Many wish to control behavior in the name of religion, environment, economics, decency and safety. Democracy teaches that these things have more value than human beings. Evil always teaches that achieving specific behaviors from people is more important than the people themselves. Evil would have you believe that righteousness is found in propriety, instead of in you.

When democratic cultures strengthen, it is obvious to everyone that the legitimacy of law is a farce. Any law is noble as soon as it becomes law. What would be considered the crimes of kidnapping, mugging and murder are now committed for you, in proxy by police. Mature democracies will find certain people who begin dispensing with the excuse of law and simply take what they want when they want it. This is no more evil than law, just more efficient.

The height of democracy is the chaos of men stealing from men, destroying each other’s liberty at will, and crushing the human spirit simply because they can. The height of democracy is an inability to think, to speak or to act for fear of law. This is not anarchy, this is tyranny. Tyranny is always disguised as culture and law.

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