24 Hour Skylapse or 24 Hours of Chemtrails

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January 30-31, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma

This is a 24 hour time-lapse started on January 30 at 1:00pm and ending on January 31 at 1:00pm and I have fast forwarded the night-time since it was dark and you couldn’t see much…

I have a quick story for you, as I was setting up to do this 24 hour time-lapse an interesting encounter happened!

It was about 5 min to 1:00pm and I had set up my time-lapse rig on private property behind a 6 foot privacy fence and was just going over a few things when this crack-head looking guy suddenly jumps up on my fence and demands I tell what the fuck I’m doing! Now mind you I have two big white GSD standing with me and I had to step between them and this guy on my fence before they knocked his dumb butt off the fence!

Being the gentleman I wish I could be I stepped forward and started to explain that I was setting up a time-lapse camera to capture the sky for 24 hours. At that point he got stuck on what the fuck is time-lapse and was doing it in a very belligerent way and saying I didn’t have the right to do this and that is where my patients got thin! I promptly told him to get his ass off my fence and get the hell away from me and I let the dogs reinforce this by hit the fence knocking him back off the fence!

When you wake up to what is going on around you the rest of society or the flock as I call them are programmed to try to shame you back into the group, this is simply groupthink taking place on a mass level. What I have found out is that it will come from every possible angle, from the crack-head in the street to friends, family and strangers!

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Toxic Harmony

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January 31, 2016 Fort Supply Lake

I’m back to doing filming the sunset in this video and with that came the creepy soundtrack Toxic Harmony produced and arranged by me, I’m not sure if that is good or bad? Take a moment and notice the use “as above so below” in the GoPro time-lapse in the beginning and please try to enjoy this as it does show the clouds behind the sun again…

WTF did I just say….mmmm?

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Flat Earth Antarctica Dome [Documentary Movie]

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I have posted books that deal with Flat Earth Theory and some of the theses books were written around 100 years ago of events that took place 175 years ago and this is what I have based my research on.

When you wake up to the fact that we are being lied to and our very education centers or schools are nothing more than Government Indoctrination Centers for the dumbed down masses, you have to take everything you learned there and toss it out! So the most logical place to start to learn is from our past and that I why I’m busy reading books from over 100 years ago, the truth is there and I’m going to find it all!

I wanted to keep this Flat Earth Documentary as I believe it holds a bunch of great information that might help people understand this theory and does this make me a flat earther, sorry I don’t go for labels and to me it is still a theory…!

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BS Loop GoPro – Periscope Live Broadcast

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January 31, 2016 Boiling Springs State Park Oklahoma

Twitter has A new live broadcast platform called Periscope that enables your GoPro Hero 4 Silver to broadcast live using your iPhone. And I got a chance to give it a test run but it wasn’t without problems! My the video was upside down even on the GoPro’s memory card, I think this was due to my orientation settings in the GoPro were set to auto, I will test this again and make sure.

The cool thing I s no mater if you lose the live broadcast you still record to the GoPro so I have the test ride flipped the right way in full HD video for you to check out k

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