The Art of Watching

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May 24, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma

I’m always watching the sky or what’s called skywatching among some people and you just might be among them now! There is another type of people and that is the phone people, theses people can’t seem to get there face out of their phones long enough to even watch the sky? I’m sure they have an app for that!

This is video of what you would see in the sky if you watched it…

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The Making of a Tornado

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May 23, 2016 Woodward Oklahoma

We were warned early in the day that we would be seeing a tornado and if you were paying close attention you could see them spraying very high up, it was overlapping the sides. This again was a manufactured storm and supercell like they all are anymore!

In this video you will see the supercell spinning to the right of the screen, the tornado was about 3 miles outside of town to the NE. It stayed stationary for some time touching down here and there, not sure what damage was done yet but I plan to ride out that way and take a look!

Like your money your weather is not real…

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Man and Grizzly Bear – Rewriting History

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More than a decade ago, Casey Anderson rescued a grizzly bear named Brutus and founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter in order to provide a natural home for other rescued grizzlies. On this Endangered Species Day, their unlikely friendship teaches us the importance of conservation and respect.

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The Inversion of Luna

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May 18, 2016 Fort Supply Lake Oklahoma

After I got done filming the sunset on May 18th I turned around and pulled out the Canon Powershot and pointed it at the moon.  I use this camera for its 800mm or 50x lens and 1080p HD video it produces, Nikon has a P900 that has a 2000mm lens but it’s pricey at $599.95 very pricey!

I then edited down the footage to a usable amount then inverted sections of the video to show a different perspective to what I was looking at. The music I used Adagio For Strings is one of my favorite pieces of music to listen to so do enjoy and let me know if you find something I missed…

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